The child and his or her personality at the heart of our pedagogy.

A musical and physical education based on the child’s development .
« Music to live » enabling children to discover their musical, gestural and linguistic potential.
Through her years of experience and the programs she has created, Caroline has developed a teaching method all her own. 
Her references : DALCROZE, ORFF and MARTENOT, the great pedagogues of music teaching.
This unique, holistic approach to music education emphasizes bodily experience and movement as the basis for musical understanding and expression.

Rhythm and movement

Teaching music begins with body movement and rhythm. Students are encouraged to feel and express music through their bodies before moving on to instruments or singing.


Coordination exercises are used to develop the relationship between the music heard and the movements performed.
This helps students to better understand and interpret music more expressively.


The method encourages musical and choreographic improvisation. This fosters creativity and artistic confidence in every

Active listening

This is essential for understanding and interpreting music. Apprentice musicians develop their musical ear and grasp the
nuances and emotions conveyed by music.

Global musicality

The pedagogy aims at appropriating the
individual’s global musicality, integrating body, mind and emotions. The aim is to train complete musicians who can express their music with sensitivity and understanding.


Classes are suitable for different age groups and skill levels, from young children to professional adults.