Music school for everyone

Do you love music ?
Do you and your child dream of learning to play an instrument?
Learning, yes, but in a fun and effective way

We have good news !

CROCO-NOTES is the music school for you.
Don’t wait any longer and join the big family of musicians.

At Croco-Notes, you learn to play an instrument and music theory at the same time. Why?

It’s effective

You will be able to put what you learn into practice right away. You will see how music theory applies directly to the instrument you are playing.

It’s motivating and rewarding

You will see your progress by
playing pieces and applying the theoretical knowledge you have acquired.

It’s essential

if you are thinking of becoming autonomous, reading a score or, why not, playing in an orchestra.

Welcome to Caroline,

Caroline Lachance began her music studies in 1997.
Holder of a university degree in music education, she taught this art in public and private primary and secondary schools for 14 years in Quebec.

An accomplished pianist, Caroline has also been giving piano lessons for over 20 years.

Passionate about music education, she created a school band program for children aged 9 to 12 and a music program for kindergarteners. Drawing on all her experience, in 2017 she inaugurated, much to our delight, the Croco-Notes music school in Las Terrenas.

But that’s not all, Caroline is the Director of the non-profit Alegria Foundation. The aim is to offer classical music education in Las Terrenas to children from disadvantaged or socially excluded families.

Our courses

Musical awakening : EVERYTHING starts like this!

Does your little one wriggle and clap his hands as soon as he hears a song?

Well, that’s what musical stimulation is all about ! Music makes him crazy with joy, and helps him develop his superpowers !

At Croco-Notes, musical awakening workshops are designed to be fun.
The activities are numerous : singing, rhythmic or melodic exercises, body expression activities, instrument games, listening games, and learning music theory.

Objectives :

–   Develop the child’s artistic sense, stimulating imagination and creativity.
–   Discover the voice and the world of sound : auditory perception.
–   Understand rhythm, coordination and orientation.
–   Develop motor skills, listening skills and concentration skills.

Tout un programme dans lequel, chacun avance à son rythme.

Piano lessons

For children and adults, from beginners to advanced. Several musical styles are covered. The student learns to read music at the same time as playing an instrument.This comprehensive learning process uses a variety of teaching aids and methods.
The teacher assesses each participant individually, adapting the course to his or her abilities.
The aim is to lead future pianists to success by combining work and pleasure.

Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons are for children and adults, beginners and advanced. No musical knowledge is required for beginners. Those who already have the basics can easily reach a higher level. All musical styles are covered.

Our teacher accompanies the future musician in the pleasure of learning.

WindStars lessons

The WindStars program facilitates the early music learning.
Children take part in fun musical games, movement activities, singing and music reading.
They use NUVO wind instruments, specially designed for young musicians.  Once they have mastered the techniques, the transition to conventional instruments becomes natural. This innovative and comprehensive program is much appreciated by the children. The school lends the book and instrument to students who wish to practice at home.